Transient – Weekly Photo Challenge

I like the idea of being transient, but being transitory has to be linked to time. A fly fisherman’s idea of passing time, differs greatly from a Formula 1 driver’s. But time for a city is measured in generations, or historical time periods that have affected the architecture, from Norman to Georgian and onto modern.

So, if you have seen my blog before, you will know I love living in Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city. After one walk around the city, you would be left in no doubt about the transient nature of the people who have walked the streets before us.

Modern architecture has to fit in to this historical frame work, but with the physical constraints of the past controlling the shape. It must cause huge nightmares for the planners, because whatever they do somebody will get upset.

The Vikings set the original city in the shape of a triangle, to make the most of the two local rivers’ natural defences. The Normans later extended the walls following the same shape. This has left the modern city with a number of odd shapes to fill. This covered space follows the shape of the old city, in a very modern way. The internet has many photos, with the addition of Darth Vader, by people who think it is too modern, but me I love it. In fact I like it so much I took a selfie.


A selfie, looking at the mirrored surface



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