Wanderlust – Weekly Photo Challenge

I always have a list in my head of places I’d like to go, but I’ve never been to most of them, and the list just gets longer. I think maybe I will just have to settle for reading about the travels on your blogs, good people.

One thing I have noticed though, is how dogs don’t loose their excitement for going places, old or new. They know if I turn the corner towards the school, they have to be on their best behaviour, the beach, it’s party time.


I don’t care where we’re going, but are we there yet?

A dog’s sense of wonder is endless. They don’t just put their heads out the window for air, they want to know everything about where they are going. This was taken on the way to the beach, and she knew it.


Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge

Living where I do, in the South East of Ireland, I felt I had to share some photos of our coastline. And YES, that is the Atlantic, and, NO it is not part of the Wild Atlantic Way. Well you can’t blame them for leaving us off all the publicity for the Wild Atlantic Way, who in their right mind would travel all the way across the country, if they knew this beauty was closer!

Kilmurren - Copy

Kilmurren Cove, part of the Copper Coast Drive, Co. Waterford

Kilmurren is a beautiful little cove, looking south into the Atlantic, surrounded by spectacular cliffs and rolling green fields. This area wasn’t always a quiet holiday destination, it used to be a hive of industry. Recently this has been recognised by UNESCO, calling it The Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark, we call it home.


The Tankardstown 19th Century Copper Mine

On the cliffs above Kilmurren is the remnants of Tankardstown Mine, showing the earth giving up it’s bounty from beneath the soil. If you are ever walking around the coast here you have to be very aware of you footing, there are many unprotected long forgotten mine shafts, waiting to be rediscovered.

So the earth is always changing, but remember, most of all is it’s always fun.


Luna running in Kilmurren