Solitude – Weekly Photo Challenge

Is it just me, or are we using the same words again? Anyway, like I said last time, I don’t get much time to be alone. Looking at the bigger picture, are we ever really alone?


Taken from my garden, looking south towards the Atlantic Coast, Waterford, Ireland.

My cousin saw this picture after I took it last year, and she said “That must be the worst photo ever, there are no people in it!”. She may be right, but I find it hard to believe that there aren’t any forms of life out there in the vastness of space.

Visible in the sky in the picture are Mars, Saturn, Antares and the Moon. You may not believe in Martians, but you must be thinking of The Clangers and the Soup Dragon. No, just me then?

My favourite time of the day, is often alone at night, with the dogs and a cloudless sky above me.



5 thoughts on “Solitude – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. That’s a great pic. Your cousin is talking rubbish. You don’t need people, plus sometimes people totally spoil the shot. How wonderful to have that out your front door. Now show us a pic in daylight so we can appreciate the view…. please 😁

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