Ambience -Weekly Photo Challenge


Choristers’ Hall (or the basement), Medieval Museum, Waterford Ireland

It must be very difficult for the curator of a museum to leave a space without any exhibits, but that is exactly what they have done in Waterford’s Medieval Museum. Ignoring the incredible pieces on display within the museum (impossible really, when you consider Waterford is Ireland’s oldest City), the structure of the building breathtaking in itself.

The Choristers’ Hall was left untouched, underground, following a fire on the upper floors of the building. As a National Monument it is covered by rules, one of which is it is not allowed to be touched, so the above structure of the museum is “floating” over these foundations. When the hall was built, in the 1200’s, it was a very special building at the time. So when the modern museum was built above it had to be given the same sort of care. The architect sourced stone from the same quarry as the stone used on these pillars.

If ambience is something you can feel, you feel it entering here.



6 thoughts on “Ambience -Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Looks great! I love how the new building is built over the old. I read a book last year by Ken Follet called ‘Pillars of the earth’ about building a monastery in 12th century England. It was fascinating and a great read; your underground photo reminded me of how interesting it was learning how the builders managed to build such wonderful buildings.

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    • i walked round it once with the Architect, and he would love the comment about the old and the new. If I could sum him up in one word it would be ‘pedantic’, and he was very concerned about the new use interfering with the look of the old parts.


  2. I can see how you could ‘feel’ ambience with the basement photograph, which draws you in. I love the sensitivity the architect employed when building on to this.
    The old with the new reminded me of Coventry Cathedral and, although quite different because the new isn’t actually built on the old, they stand opposite each other yet still manage to blend and be one. Very informative post 😊

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    • Thanks for your comments. The hall was left because the clergy could just move into another building and forget about this site. Coventry Cathedral was left for very different reasons. (I was just reading a book about the bombing of Coventry, spooky you should mention it)

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