Resilient – Weekly Photo Challenge


Dunhill Castle, Dunhill Co. Wateford, Ireland.

This is the black and white photo in my header, sums up resilient to me. Dunhill Castle overlooks the Anne Valley, as the river flows down to the Atlantic coast, in the South East of Ireland.

The castle has stood up to a huge amount of pushing and shoving over the years, but it’s natural defences stood it against many foes. It was built in the 1200’s, on the site of an earlier Celtic hill fort. The castle stayed in the hands of the Power’s (the name Power is the south east of Ireland is like saying Smith in England) until Cromwell became a bit angry in 1649, and he took control of it.

The land was then given to some English Sir’s, who didn’t have any interest in the area, and it fell into disrepair through the 1700’s. The structure remained solid, but in ruins right up until the 1912 when a heavy storm tore off the east wall. The rest of the structure has remained resilient.




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