Relax – Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m a bit late with this one, had no time to relax this week. Having five children, you find little time to put your feet up in front of the fire, or any of the other ways most people relax. The only time I get to read, is usually sitting outside some venue or another waiting for any number of offspring to emerge.

Then there’s money! You can never relax, chasing enough money to keep a roof over your head, and food for seven people. Then a friend gave me this money on Friday, and I became instantly relaxed. I’ve never seen such a beautiful, tiny piece of art before. She told me she finds origami relaxing. Who am I to argue?


Relax, it;s only money.



3 thoughts on “Relax – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. There will come a time (although hopefully not TOO soon) when your children aren’t around all the time and you’ll wish they were back. Make the most of them while they still live at home.
    And keep reading as much as you can, whenever you can. Just started a new book last night by one of my favourite authors and I can’t bear to put it down! I’m pretty sure I’d be able to wander round the supermarket reading…

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