Tiny – Weekly Photo Challenge

I’ve been thinking about this topic all week, and have been heading towards where I live – IRELAND, a tiny place in a big world. But, this morning I changed my mind, and went for this, a homeopathic tablet. Be it witchcraft or wonderful, I’ve been convinced that there is something going on.


Homeopathic tablet, tiny in anybody’s book

You find most medical people don’t have a lot of faith in homeopathy, understandably so, as there is very little scientific proof as to what is going on. OK no proof. They say it is all a placebo effect, you have taken a tablet so you must be feeling better. How does it work on a dog? They don’t know anything about placebo, but it can fix their problems.

So what is homeopathy? It is all about treating ‘like with like’. If you look at that small homeopathic tablet on my finger, and scaled it up to be the size of the moon, the amount of active ingredient on that moon would be the size of a pea. That is tiny.

So what proof do I have that it works on dogs? The dog in the picture on the laptop was our middle dog, very happy in her position in the pecking order. Then the elder dog died, and she became the top dog, but being a top dog was not in her nature. She didn’t know what to do, she was upset, snapping to get her way, causing fights and it was very sad to see.

We took her to a homeopathic vet, and he sat with her for hours, asked me question after question until he said he had the answer. He didn’t tell me what the remedy was, but I was to give her one tablet in the evening and one in the following morning, and see how she got on. It was an instant success, she started playing with other dogs, running and skipping when we were out. It was like a weight being lifted off her shoulders.

What was the remedy? For a daughter, whose mother had died too young, and she had to take over the running of the household before she was ready. Even writing that down make it sound like hocus pocus, but I believe it cured her problems.

I would recommend homeopathy, just don’t ask me to explain how it works.


Back in happier times – three of my children with our dogs Izzy, Luna and Lily






4 thoughts on “Tiny – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I’ve believed in homeopathy since the kids were wee and I started using Arnica on their bruises (from falling over, not from a skelp on the lug!) plus husband takes pills every night for his restless legs otherwise I’m getting kicked all over the bed 😦 He calls them his “anti-divorce pills” 😉
    Cool pics of your dogs.

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