Shine – Weekly Photo Challenge

I’ve used this photo before, but I think it fitted this topic perfectly. This is our memorial to the local rescue helicopter crew, that lost their lives, returning to base following a successful mission on a foggy night in July 1999.


Memorial to our rescue helicopter, The Prom, Tramore

It’s hard to believe it was so long ago, I remember turning the radio on in the morning, hearing the news and looking out the window. The fog was so thick I could hardly see the car in front of the house, yet the helicopter had flown out to help a small pleasure craft (with four men and a young boy on board) find their way to Dungarvan Bay. On it’s return to base the helicopter crashed into the sand dunes in Tramore, with the loss of all crew.


Local – Weekly Photo Challenge


A Local Map, Waterford Ireland

I really resisted putting up a picture of an Irish Pub, I’m sure you all know what they look like!

So, how about this, a 3D map of Waterford City? It shows all the places the locals know about, and how close everything is. Waterford is a city, the oldest in Ireland, but it thinks it is a village.

Nostalgia – Weekly Photo Challenge

Having just had a quick look back over my previous posts, I think any one of them could be listed as nostalgia. Being the oldest city in Ireland, Waterford finds it difficult moving forward without bring the past with it.


Reginald’s Tower, Waterford, Ireland

Reginald’s Tower was originally built of wood, so when it was rebuilt from stone, there was a fair amount of nostalgia involved.