Mirror – Weekly Photo Challenge

Izzy and Luna

The view from my wing mirror

Ireland is a friendly place. When you drive down the road in Ireland, you often get passers by waving, just to say hello to a stranger. Some days everybody waves, then you have to ask yourself WHY? You look in the mirror and see a couple of smiling faces, and all becomes clear.

OK, it’s not the best picture, taken on a phone in the rain. It captures the moment. Maybe if I feel artistic later in the week, I might have another go.


5 thoughts on “Mirror – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Aww your dogs are lovely. I didn’t realize you had 2 the same kind.
    Isn’t it great when dogs hang their head out the car window and have their tongues rolling out the side of their mouths. I love seeing them like that 🙂
    My dog is now relegated to the boot with a dog guard. He can no longer be trusted in the back seat. He either jumps into the front or tries to bark and scrabble his way out the window at every passing dog/bike/kid/human….

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