Waterford Walls

Living in Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland, you get used to seeing old walls. It’s a walled city set up by the Vikings, fortified by the Normans and loved by the Irish. The city walls are part of our history, and sit among the modern city happily.

Following the recent banking problems around the world, Waterford has suffered more than most. Many businesses were lost to the banks, through no fault of their own, leaving buildings unoccupied and falling into disrepair.

So what do you do? Ignore it, blame someone or pick up a can of paint? Well, a group of amazing people have got together and set up Waterford Walls. They have invited incredible artists from around the world to come to Waterford and paint these unloved buildings. The results are shocking, when you look at these pictures please try and imagine the scale. The hotel by the river had over 100 rooms, on 6 storeys, with all the restaurant and conference facilities that go along with it.

I would like to thank the people behind Waterford Walls, and you for looking at my pictures. This is the biggest post I’ve ever put up, but I have reduced the number of pictures because the artist’s have painted so many walls, it could go on for ever.


Edge – Weekly Photo Challenge

Keep away from the edge, said no one. It’s a long way down, is the wall there to stop you? No, the wall is there to stop the cows falling over the edge, they are worth a lot of money, we can’t have them falling (the footpath is outside the wall). This is the western edge of Ireland, next stop America.

The Cliffs of Moher have to be seen to be believed, most things in Ireland are quite small in scale, but these cliffs are quite dramatic. There is a visitor’s centre, as part of the Wild Atlantic Way, you can walk along the edge but go prepared. You can go by bike, but I wouldn’t recommend it, the wind comes over the edge and tries to lift you like a kite (even on a good day).

Mirror – Weekly Photo Challenge

Izzy and Luna

The view from my wing mirror

Ireland is a friendly place. When you drive down the road in Ireland, you often get passers by waving, just to say hello to a stranger. Some days everybody waves, then you have to ask yourself WHY? You look in the mirror and see a couple of smiling faces, and all becomes clear.

OK, it’s not the best picture, taken on a phone in the rain. It captures the moment. Maybe if I feel artistic later in the week, I might have another go.