Narrow – Weekly Photo Challenge


Inside the Ballyvoyle Tunnel, Waterford, Ireland

This is a very narrow tunnel from Durrow to Ballyvoyle, part of a disused railway line, which now makes up part of the Waterford Greenway. The brick lined tunnel has alcoves along the length, which have now been filled with dim lighting. Apparently, the alcoves were included for people to get out of the way of the oncoming trains.


2 thoughts on “Narrow – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. You won’t believe it Alba, it’s a cycle path and walk way. I goes along the River Suir from Waterford, around the foot of the Commeragh Mountains, over a couple of river valleys, then along some of the best coast line into Dungarvan. I uses some of the most incredible civil engineering projects ever built in Ireland.

    As a railway it held a lot of sad memories, it was known as the Boat Train, people leaving Ireland right up until the ’80’s would travel on it to get to Rosslare and onto England. It’s great now that people are enjoying on the route.

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