Cherry on Top – Weekly Photo Challenge


My idea for a cherry on top … a Twin Cam …. just me then!

Seriously, this is incredible, a piece of mechanical art. I could look at this all day and never tire of it. If you think back just a few years, this would be a clattering mess of rockers and push rods, tears and tantrums.

For those who don’t know, this is a photo of an engine. But not just any engine, this is the engine in my wife’s Jag. Four cam shafts, six cylinders and twenty four valves of oily perfection ….. well not today, it’s a bit under the weather today, but tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Cherry on Top – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Not in the slightest!
    You need to think “shiny bits on the inside”, next time you go to the car showroom you need to channel Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor and do some grunting “UGHH UGHH UGHH”. The salesman will think she knows what she is talking about and you’ll end up with less “junk with a trunk”.


  2. Can you explain that last paragraph in English…. I didn’t understand a word of it. Who’s Tim and there are bits on the INSIDE of a car?!?
    Doesn’t it run on sparkly unicorn juice and fairy dust?

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