Details – The Weekly Photo Challenge


Rosettes on a Snow Leopard’s fur, Dublin Zoo

I was tucked into the corner of the viewing window, of the Snow Leopard enclosure yesterday, watching them sleep in a cave at the back. This one then got up, walked over and lay down beside me. The details in it’s fur were amazing to see up close.


6 thoughts on “Details – The Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Snow Leopards are my favourite of the big cats. Their fur definitely looks better on their back than on people’s.
    Have a look for a book called The Ark (I can’t be bothered to go to the book case to see who it is by), full of drawings of animals “if mother nature got it wrong”. Lions with alligator skin, very odd to see.

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  2. I will look for that one next time I’m in the library (or bookshop)
    In my line of work I’m often tempted to photoshop a penguins head on to a pigs body (or vice-versa) and create new animals. A piguin or a penig for instance 😀

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  3. That’s the idea, but hand drawn (pre-photoshop).
    I did a push-me-pull-you once following the kids school visit to a mini-farm. I printed all the pictures and my son took them in the next day, without telling anyone. The teacher said she had to go searching for Dr Dolittle to try and explain what it was. Happy days

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