Bliss -Developing Your Eye


Throwing stones on a beach – a boy’s idea of Bliss

This was taken in Tramore, Co. Waterford, one of Ireland’s best holiday resorts. Less than 100 yards from them was an amusement park, arcades, skate park, boating lake, surf school, really an endless list. What did my boys want to do? They spent hours throwing stones in the sea. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s idea of bliss, but each to their own.


10 thoughts on “Bliss -Developing Your Eye

      • Me too! I was at the beach yday but unfortunately putting your chairs IN the water isn’t as good an idea as it seemed at the time when you have sunburned legs and arms the next day 😦 it hurts. A lot. My fair Scottish skin is protesting.

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  1. Didn’t Billy Connolly say, Scottish skin is naturally pale blue.
    The boy on the left of the photo is a twin, he got all the skin pigment, brown eyes and dark hair. His brother is the opposite, blue eyes and fair hair and burns in factor 50. ,

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  2. Genetics are weird. I have black hair and green eyes. Husband has brown hair and brown eyes and we have a redheaded blue eyed daughter and a light brown blue eyed son. If I could have guaranteed anything I would have said we would have a dark haired child.
    You can’t mistake my daughter for anything else but being Scottish though πŸ˜‰
    This is her…
    My beautiful redhead

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  3. Good looking girl, must have good genes. (Do you want me to delete it?)
    My wife is Anglo-Indian, so has a very complicated family tree, but the boys have come out with her colouring and my colouring to look different, but features to look the same. Mind blowing.

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