Double – Developing Your Eye II

Mirrored Railway

The Waterford Greenway, only has one set of rails.

I’m really pleased at how well this worked, it actually looks like a branch line. The picture shows the Suir Valley Light Railway on the Waterford Greenway, with the River Suir, and Tory Hill in the distance.


Edge – Developing Your Eye II

I’ve used this building before, but the edge stood out as something to play with.

Cherry on Top – Weekly Photo Challenge


My idea for a cherry on top … a Twin Cam …. just me then!

Seriously, this is incredible, a piece of mechanical art. I could look at this all day and never tire of it. If you think back just a few years, this would be a clattering mess of rockers and push rods, tears and tantrums.

For those who don’t know, this is a photo of an engine. But not just any engine, this is the engine in my wife’s Jag. Four cam shafts, six cylinders and twenty four valves of oily perfection ….. well not today, it’s a bit under the weather today, but tomorrow.

Glass – Developing Your Eye


Trophy, inside “The Glass”, Waterford Crystal Showroom

This is handmade lead crystal glass, from Waterford Crystal. Notice the Seahorse logo on the ball, look at one of my previous posts to find why. Not the sort of glass I’m meant to photograph? Well there is a window behind it, with a view of the Bishop’s Palace.

Landscape – Developing Your Eye II

Kilmurren - Copy

Kilmurrin Cove, part of the Copper Coast Drive, Co. Waterford

I love this part of the coast, it’s where I walk my dogs (and my children). I’ve been going to Kilmurrin for years and rarely been able to see this view, it is looking out towards Dunabrattin Head. The tide on this day was exceptionally low, so we managed to walk through a blow hole in the cliff, into the next bay, around a small headland, then in through a cave and out the other side to be greeted by this view. Had to take the picture.