Partners – Weekly Photo Challenge

You can’t have one without the ……. oth…er!


The Kilmachthomas Viaduct, part of The Waterford Greenway

I’ve always loved stone viaducts, the engineering and manpower involved has always been mind blowing to me. The whole bridge is is held up by these pillars working together, what a partnership. So what does this great structure carry? It must be important? Oh yes, it’s a cycle path!


9 thoughts on “Partners – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I love viaducts too – there used to be one in the next town to mine where I grew up and we played on it all the time (disused railway). Unfortunately they knocked it down a long while ago. The valley looks bare without it 😦

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    • That’s such a shame! This was a railway, connecting Waterford City to Dungarvan, the county town of County Waterford. The line has such history connected to it. It was used as military transport by the British at the time of the Easter Rising. It was attacked during the following civil war, and parts were blown up. The rails were lifted a few years ago and a couple of bridges were removed to allow the roads to be widened but most of the structures were left intact. It is now being turned into cycle route across the county. The Waterford Greenway is going to be great.

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      • I’ll try and figure out if I’m I’m not following you properly or something is off with my settings once I finish my work (said she as she’s skiiving on WordPress when she’s meant to be working) πŸ˜‰
        I’ll let you know if it’s on my end.

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