The Irish Question – What will Brexit mean for us?

For years England referred to Ireland as the Irish Question. This was only a question in England, because Ireland knew the answer, we were Irish and you just have to accept it. Admittedly it took a long time but it eventually got through to England that we didn’t need an imperial over lord and we could run our own affairs.

So what is the problem with the U.K. leaving the European Union? Who knows, it has never happened before, but it is very different from getting a bully out of your life. Who knows a couple who separated or divorced, only to find that they were the problem not the partner?


A metaphor for the UK

Will the U.K. collapse? Who cares, they made their bed, they will have to learn to live in it, as long as they don’t start a domino effect and bring the rest of us with them.

So what have we learnt from this process? When you are in a hole stop digging. A few years ago David Cameron was in a hole with the general election, and thought he was going to loose his job. He offers a referendum to try and save himself. So a couple of years later what has he got? A lot of heart ache, no job and a country that is the opposite of a united kingdom. Was it worth it? Not in my book, but what do I know I’m Irish.

To finish I would like to tell you a poem that my Father-in-Law told me about India when they were going through their independence problems with England. I have rephrased it to refer to Ireland.

Ireland was old Ireland when England was but a pup,

Ireland will be old Ireland when England is buggered up.


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