Ireland’s Ancient East – I’m In

What is my problem with Ireland’s Ancient East? I’m all for it, I think it is great that I walk past objects that my ancestors passed 5000 years ago. As a marketing tool, Ireland’s Ancient East will spread word to people outside Ireland, that we have been here a long time. We have our own history, long before our European invaders rewrote it

We have monoliths and graves all over the countryside. In the middle of nowhere or forming the boundary to keep cows in one place.

Well, what’s my problem then? I’m glad you asked, I have no problem with Ireland’s Ancient East, my problem is with the Wild Atlantic Way. This tourist driving route follows around the Atlantic coast but stops short of one of the main entry points for people driving into the country. It is a brilliant idea, if a little short sighted.

Look at who has entered Ireland through the South East coast, the Vikings, the Normans, the Tudors, even Oliver Cromwell. These people knew what they were doing, why assume modern tourists can be pushed around, any more than our previous visitors. Why not let our modern invaders start their Atlantic route as they enter the country at Rosslare, instead of telling them they have to drive 200km before they are allowed to begin.

But your previous picture didn’t make the Atlantic look very wild? I don’t like to get my camera out when it is really rough, but these pictures might help convince you that we are part of the Wild Atlantic Way, whether the pen pushers agree or not!



11 thoughts on “Ireland’s Ancient East – I’m In

  1. I’m sure the tourist board won’t like it, they are the ones splitting us in two. We are a very small place, we can’t afford to confuse someone into going somewhere else.


  2. Exactly, do a loop of the whole coast (a different section every year), then collect the ARTEFACTS like stamps in a passport. My parents when they retired would have love doing that, they had the time to do it and the money to spend. But what do I know, another one [great idea] bites the dust.

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  3. When they make ME in charge of the world I’ll make YOU in charge of Ireland. How’s that for a deal?
    Dang – now I have the beat from Another One bites the Dust stuck as an earworm!
    ps. Your comments are not coming up in my reader – I have to go to your site to see them…. is that a deliberate ploy to attract more visits or do you have something unticked (or ticked) in your settings? Just wondered coz you might be missing out on people finding your blog.


  4. World domination has never really been my thing, so you get my vote for that. Do you vote for world leader?
    I was thinking of Scotland for the stamps on the passport idea. Did you ever see people “Bagging Monroe’s” going back year after year, to tick another off the list?
    As for the P.S. I have no idea how I have done my settings. (None of this blog has been deliberate) I was thinking of doing another BloggingU course, like the Photo101, to find out how all the other settings work. Then again, I’ve hooked you, what more do I want?


  5. Hah, yep. Having the Queen of the World as your No.1 follower is pretty much the top of the heap :p
    I like your idea of a passport with stamps for each cool place you visit. I’ll make that my first idea as the Queenie.

    With your blog settings – when I first started here I did a Blogging 101 course which was great as it went over the settings and how to write your ‘about’ page and gave you all sorts of other information. Plus it also introduced you to other bloggers and as a brand new newbie I had no followers or any idea even what I wanted to blog about. I had a vague idea I wanted to yap about my photographs and tell silly stories about living in the US and it’s kinda worked… :/
    Anyway give it a go (Blogging 101) – it was fun to do all the challenges and I’ve met a few regular bloggers and have a new online friend too now because of it.
    That’s my tuppence worth,
    The Queen

    “She’s a Killer Queen
    Gunpowder, gelatine
    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

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  6. I see the power has gone straight to your head, the passport idea will be a commandment from the Queen of the World! I can tell people I knew her before the revolution, she used to be “as playful as a pussy cat” but “for cars she couldn’t care less”.
    I’ve checked the settings an everything is ticked:) I’ll do the course:(
    I’ll tell them the Queen sent me.

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