The Wild Atlantic (NO) Way or Ireland’s Ancient East

 I live in County Waterford on the south coast of the Republic of Ireland, looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. I know it is there because I can see it from my house, and it says so on the map.

Why is this important? Because someone in an office somewhere has invented The Wild Atlantic Way, a brilliant idea, of a driving route along the Atlantic coast. It starts on the north coast, follows the west coast, around the south coast, then ends in Cork. But the Atlantic doesn’t stop there. It carries on all the way along the Waterford coast,  around to Rosslare Harbour. Why doesn’t The Wild Atlantic Way start in Rosslare where people enter the country?


Nr Kilmurren, Co. Waterford. Looking towards the Comeragh Mountains

I wouldn’t like to say why our 150 km of coast was removed from The Wild Atlantic Way, I will leave that to your imagination. Why is it important? Because tourist will come to drive this route and will be told not to come to Waterford, because that is not part of our road.


Balinageeragh Dolmen, Dunhill Co. Waterford

What does Waterford have? Well apart from a great coast line, it is included in Ireland’s Ancient East. A list of historical artefacts scattered around the county. The countryside around here is overrun with objects like this Dolmen. This is a portal grave and was build as a funeral place for the local community. It has been drawing people to the area for over 5000 years. I don’t think it will increase the amount of money a tourist will leave in the area, just because it is now on a list.

Why am I writing this? Because I care about where I live, and I want people to see it. I’m going to put more pictures up, to compare our Atlantic Coast with our Ancient Past.

P.S. Does anyone else think Pride Rock from The Lion King, was modelled on Dolmen?


3 thoughts on “The Wild Atlantic (NO) Way or Ireland’s Ancient East

  1. That’s just not fair!! Your part of Ireland is just as beautiful as the other parts (that’s a lovely photograph of the coast btw) and love the Dolmen. How big is it?

    “AHHHHHSAHBENYAMINMISMUNNMAAAAAAAA”…….. me singing the Lion King Circle of Life song.

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  2. I agree it’s not fair, but the reasons are quite political. I have friends in England, who have just done the North Coast 500 in Scotland and it got my dander up again that we are missing out on all that trade because of a pen pusher.
    That part of the coast is my route home from the supermarket!
    That Dolmen is quite a small one, but the horizontal stone is probably 5 feet above the ground. (I’ll scale the next one)
    Good spelling on the Lion King:)

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    • Aww, I missed this comment 😦
      Thanks for the height info. I like to know these things. Also you are lucky in your supermarket route – mines is the most boring route ever :/

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