Thunder Bolts and Lightening, Very Very Exciting

I was reminded, by a Scottish friend the other day, about how great Queen are. Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest record ever made. It is a record that has broken more records than any other record, and yes kids music used to be made on records.

As a person who was lucky enough to see Queen, with Freddie Mercury, a couple of times in the ’80’s, I feel I have to share with you the incredible emotions of being there. Just looking at these photos again, reminds me of the excitement Freddie caused just by shuffling his feet. Then playing with his voice and making thousands of people behave like puppets. I have seen many people since try and do the same thing, but nobody could do it like Freddie. Thinking back on it now, he made love to the audience from the stage.

As for the music, I can’t imagine there ever being another Queen. With modern systems, committees and outside influences how would a group be allowed to create something like Bohemian Rhapsody. When Freddie turned from his piano and said “And this is where the Opera bit comes in”, he sealed his place in history. I have had people say to me “but what does it mean”, the meaning doesn’t really matter, to me.


6 thoughts on “Thunder Bolts and Lightening, Very Very Exciting

  1. Great blog and photos Rover! I’m so jealous of you having seen Queen live… friends of mine came to Chicago 2 years ago to see Queen with Adam Lambert and they said he was good, but he wasn’t Freddie. Music always has been my a huge part of my life and my favourite pastime, even more than reading or photography and I’ve been to a LOT of concerts but would have loved to have seen Queen. So as I said, very jealous.


    • I grew up near Wembley (in fact Queen all met around the corner from where I lived in Ealing), and went to a lot of concerts in the stadium. Madonna, Genesis, everybody played Wembley, but nobody moved me like Queen.
      P.S. I’m a proper old bloke, married, 5 kids, 3 dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. My kids are in a picture in some kind of roller coaster for movement, the boys are in one carriage and my daughter is in the next one.

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    • Really Irish, with Presidential Voting rights no less, but with a London accent. My eldest boy could speak when we left London, but his English accent when turning Irish has become American. The others all have Irish accents

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      • Cool beans! I was getting kinda confused (that old age thing again) 😉

        Myself and hubby still have our Ayrshire accents, but daughter has a pretty good American accent now. Son still sounds Scottish, but a more generic Scottish accent than us, he has kinda like a Sean Connery thing going on.

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