It’s a good night from me! Photo101 The End

Thank you for all your interest in my pictures over the last few weeks. I’ve just looked through them and these are my favourites.

Having picked these photos, I noticed these are the ones I took with the topics in mind. So what does that tell me? Not much, but I was thinking if I was to do this again I might take the lead from Alba10, and take the pictures on the day. Or maybe not, who knows.


9 thoughts on “It’s a good night from me! Photo101 The End

  1. Ahh, thank you for the name-check…. but I stole the ‘new-photo-every-day’ idea from HogriderDookes! Anyway happy to have found your blog and looking forward to reading more from you 🙂


      • Well, the alternative words are not suitable for the ears of a lady, but didn’t you say you were from Glasgow? That’s OK then, crack on. The star of our story was not only keen on whiskey and beer, he used to visit houses of ill-repute. Having no money, he was informed by the madam, that he was out of LUCK.
        Rearrange those words and you can make your own verse.


      • Noooooo, I’m not from Glasgow. I’m from Ayrshire. MUCH better :p
        But as I now live in the American Midwest I can pretend that I’m from Edinburgh or somewhere that they will have heard of 😉
        I think I’ll stick to listening to Queen 😉


  2. Apologies for the insult, but don’t Americans have a problem pronouncing Edinburgh. I was watching a programme when they were talking about Eden Berg, it took me ages to work out what was going on.
    Stick to Queen. In fact you have given me an idea for post.

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