Big Photo101 – Day7

Often when I pass through the City Walls, I look at the height and think “how could you take them?”.


The Watch Tower, City Walls, Waterford, Ireland

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, and was often attacked over the years with a list of invaders making up quite a role call of “baddies” trying to get in. Looking from the ground up at how substantial the structure is, you can understand how Waterford was given it’s motto back in 1495: Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia.  



2 thoughts on “Big Photo101 – Day7

    • Thanks for that. They are trying to remove all the greenery from the walls, because it is “damaging” them. The walls have been standing for a thousand years, I don’t think a bit of grass is going to cause too much trouble.


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