Double and Rotation Photo101 Day19

Push me pull you

Genetically Altered Snow Leopard, Dublin Zoo

A very rare animal, born in captivity, in Dublin Zoo.


Edge and Alignment Photo101 Day18

The Spire is perfectly straight. It is in the position of the old Nelson’s Column, no longer standing! The GPO, base for the Easter Rising, is just to the right of the Spire.

The view through Merchant’s Arch, looking towards the Ha’penny Bridge.

I’ve altered the alignment in the two pictures of the Rugby pitch, in the first the pale grass is aligned, the second the dark line is vertical


Glass, Squared Photo101 Day17 Part2

I posted a piece of Waterford Crystal for yesterday’s topic of glass, then I took this to prove the weather wasn’t helping.

DSC_0275 (2)

A room with OUT a view


Reflections on Lansdowne Road

Then I found this photo looking for today’s topic. Taken through a window of one of the upstairs bars.

Treasure and Close up Photo101 Day16

“One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” or it is all in the eye of the beholder.


My son’s treasure

I’ve always made sure my children went cycling, swimming, dancing and any other activity I could think of. The equipment I provided may not have been the most up to date but it was good enough to have a go.

I was very proud of my son, when he used his own money to but his own bike. It is certainly treasure to him.


Scale and Observation Photo101 – Day14

Canon in front of them.

Two pictures of the canon in Waterford. Changing my position, completely changed the scale of the picture.

This is a Russian canon, captured by the English after the Battle of Balaclava. They sent them to their colonies, as a mark of their military power, to try and keep us all in order. Well nobody took any notice of that.